Trouble up above


Random influxes of strangers in April and July... we should expect that again in early October, I believe.  The weekend of curses also appears to change its timing along with the season.  Can we expect the third weekend to be cursed during the autumn months?  Perhaps a tangible pattern would be asking too much of the deities.

I've had a fair amount of time to think recently--today, especially, as I was hiding from aspiring poets--and I found myself returning to the May incident with Adrastus and his mother.  There's more to it than I've puzzled out, I'm sure of it.

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Pet projects aside, I can't find anything on Sidhe.  They're simply not supposed to exist.  Of course, neither am I, on a purely technical level, but it's difficult to find anything that isn't simply myth and lore about them.  Endlessly frustrating. 

Back to the nitrocellulose, I suppose.  Not that the explosive compounds I was working with in my world matter all that much here in a world that's familiar with atomic warfare.  And the Cardinal thought that I was a danger to the laboratory's infrastructure!  I can't imagine what he would say about weapons that can annihilate entire cities in one go.  My God, not even I know what to say and I've had a good eight months to get used to the idea.

Perhaps I should busy myself with research and forego inventing while I'm here.  Being well over a century behind the latest technological innovations is discouraging, you see; every time I think I've stumbled across something new, someone's beaten me to it. 

I feel like something of an intellectual Neanderthal.
So Baffled

34 [audio]

--how on earth you managed to shatter it! I didn't even know that lath was capable of shattering! Honestly, if you would stop using your crossbow as a cudgel, Van Helsing, we wouldn't have to endure these long--you're not even listening to me, are you?

...Van Helsing?

Oh, Heaven damn it all. How I'm expected to get anything done while moving from one universe to the next is entirely beyond me...

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Genius at Work


I have to question my own sanity when this sort of thing begins to feel routine.

Guests!  While you're here, would you mind glancing at this and giving me your opinions on it?  Might you consider expanding upon it?  It's all speculation, of course, since none of you were terribly forward last time.  I would sincerely appreciate concrete answers, or at least a little more to go off of.  I suspect you know more than you've revealed.

Would anyone care to discuss the possibility of being fictional?  The workings of the City?  How, precisely, these massive invasions occur?

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I'm explaining


I highly suggest that everyone take a moment to read this entry.  It's one of the most sensible things I've read in months.

As for the recent parasitic infestation, I think it's reasonable to assume that the strange phenomena this month--the star shower, the horrible stench in the center of the City, the rampant illness--are all related to it.  It's absurd to suggest that the pests' arrival was the cause of the falling stars, but the timing of the two events  coincide nicely.  Wouldn't it be like the deities to send us a horde of disease-ridden vermin?  Perhaps, though, the pests aren't the fault of the deities.  Why on earth would the deities attempt to kill the parasites (if, of course, that was the purpose of the fog; I can't imagine what other reason they would have for nearly asphyxiating us) if they sent them in the first place?

Perhaps I'm wrong--although I seldom am--in thinking that the deities' higher-ups have a hand in all of this.  An ordeal involving hair followed by a flea infestation?  Surely that's not coincidental. 

sENEBTi xAIRe vALETe... a farewell and a promise to return.  Hm.

There was something else I was going to say, but I've entirely forgotten.  It couldn't have been all that important.

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I've been doing a bit of work on varying types of weapons just lately, and I'd like to offer my services to anyone in the City who might find themselves without the weapon of their choice, in need of repairs, or short on ammunition.  I'm not familiar with the mechanics of everything from all of the worlds represented within the City, but I can replicate anything you might have with a fair degree of accuracy or whip something up to cater to your needs.  I won't accept monetary rewards, although I'd be more than happy to accept food, technical odds and ends, and even information in exchange for my services.

Additionally, I would like to remind everyone to take caution around this individual, who, as everyone undoubtedly knows, is more-or-less free and rather dangerous.  She's well under control, but anyone who feels a need to scold me for being incompetent, imbecilic, or otherwise incapable in relation to her release can have at it.

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Whatever you say


I’ve finished reading about the technological advances of the last 110 years, and I must say that I’m less than impressed. So much energy goes into creating weapons! Not that I mind weapons, of course, but in my mind, they should serve a defensive purpose. Investing resources into the creation of a weapon that will decimate the planet—and, therefore, will hopefully never be used—is absolutely asinine.

Take enhanced radiation weaponry for example. It’s not a terribly explosive weapon compared to fission-powered nuclear missiles, but the havoc it wreaks beyond the initial detonation…! It kills with a burst of high-energy neutrons and also releases a massive amount of heat, rendering armour virtually useless by targeting biological material. I can’t even imagine the effects of such a weapon. If it doesn’t kill immediately, it results in radiation sickness—nausea and vomiting, fever, hair loss, internal bleeding, severe disorientation, cell death, delirium, and eventual coma and death… my God! If I were in charge of the development of weaponry, we would build actual weapons, not torture devices.

Erm. Research aside…

The network seems to be more frightening than usual today. We were due for a curse, though. Heaven forbid the deities allow us to have a run of pleasant days!

[ooc: Unaffected and not entirely aware of the curse. Scare Carl at your leisure!]
Whatever you say


Today's curse is peculiar.  I can't help but wonder if the curses, no matter how random they appear to be, might tell us something about the City itself. 

Not incidentally, I've often thought of the City as something of a circus.  I'm not entirely sure who the attractions are, or who the ringmaster might be.  Are we the caged sideshow oddities, or are we the intrigued (and horrified) audience?  Are the deities the ringmasters, or might they occupy the center ring?

No matter.  I certainly hope no one is overly inconvenienced by the curse. 

I've made still more revisions to the information I've been compiling.  For the interested, I've split the information up into three separate posts:
An Abbreviated Introduction
Topics of General Concern
Studies and Further Notes

Really, none of these suffice as guides.  I do hope someone will put one together that might be more useful to new arrivals.  Other guides would be helpful, as well; I've heard a number of requests for guides to shops and eateries, and that isn't within my realm of research. 



It's utterly impossible to keep track of time in this City.

The creatures that visited were rather interesting, though! The hair beast was a very cooperative experimental subject, although I don't fully understand why it and its counterpart were so determined to return our hair. "A great due was returned"? Utterly baffling.

I'm highly interested in the second creature. I've been going over her messages... is anyone else analyzing them? I wouldn't be opposed to comparing notes. For the interested, I'll put what I've found in this entry. Collapse )

Now, Xigbar--that is your name, isn't it? I'm afraid I mix your name up with the names of your compatriots--I believe your weapon is entirely operational. At your superior's behest I didn't modify it to throw fire, but it does shoot whatever odd energy it was designed to. Whoever modified it to shoot paint left the basic mechanisms intact, fortunately, so it was a simple fix. I'm afraid I really don't know a thing about this sort of weaponry.

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So Baffled

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When did it become the fourth? I don't remember being--oh! No, I do. I'll assume there was a curse of some sort this weekend? That would explain why I spent a portion of it as a monkey.

The City's still standing, isn't it? I'm afraid I haven't been out of the laboratory in... days. A number of them. The disease has cleared up, I hope--ugly rashes, really. I can safely say that I've never seen anything like that in my world, for which I'm immensely grateful.

Hiiragi, Jun... my profuse apologies for the unannounced absence. I assure you, it was just as much a surprise to me as it likely was to you!